I don’t know anything about God

I don’t know anything about God

March 13, 2016
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I don’t know anything about God.

Everything I’ve read I can’t remember.

Everything is motion. Swaying and vibrating and shifting and changing.

The light the clouds, the trees the breeze. The air the sound the time.

I can watch the light catch the edges of the clouds. But I don’t know what clouds and light are made of.

What do the words mean when all I hear is sound? What does the book mean, when all I see is paper?

Form and space and time. I see them.

Silence rules this seeing.



In the world of time and motion, I look from within, as silence as seeing.

I look without end – see without fixing. No end is no other.

Where else can I go from here? Love is born here.

I am now, and always – where is the other over there?

I am home and here and here is God.

What else is there?


With love,



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